Where do great things start?
In Vienna!


15th – 18th 2022

Sept 15th


9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

3 p.m.
90 Minutes Q & A with
Robert Malone (online)

Speakers (in alphabetical Order):
Chantelle & Leighton Baker, Paul Brandenburg, Robert Cibis, Gernot Danowski, Will Dove, Jimmy Gerum, Marie Christin Giuliani, Taylor Hudak, Jeffrey Jaxen, Glen Jung, Stefan Magnet, Stef Manzini, Karina Michelin, Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, Thomas Oysmüller, Dirk Pohlmann, Katrin Seibold, Monica Smit, Piotr Szlachtowicz, Richard Werner

Online: Roger Bittel, Yohan Tengra

and more to be announced.


Sept 16th


9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Workshop “Future of Medicine today”
Stephan Becker, Jan Wellmann and Rob Verkerk

11.30 a.m.
60 Minutes Q & A with Sucharit Bhakdi

2 p.m.
Q & A
with James Thorp 

Speakers (in alphabetical Order):
Dan Astin-Gregory, Chantelle & Leighton Baker, Sonja Elijah, Marie Christin Giuliani, Reinhard Jesionek, Ayanda Mdudli, Maajid Nawaz, Neil Oliver, Henning Rosenbusch, Katrin Seibold, Riley Vuyovich, more to be announced

3 p.m.
Pathology Conference with
Arne Burkhardt, Ulrike Kämmerer
Lawyers: Beate Bahner and Elmar Becker 

Online: Ryan Cole

Simultaneous translation of the German lectures available

As a few presenations will be in German, consider to bring your headphones for your smartphone or Laptop to join the livestream with the English simultaneous translation.

Sept 17th


9 a.m. to 6. p.m Better Way Conference

Panel 1 – Host: Tess Lawrie
Covid-19 injection related pathology
Sucharit Bhakdi, Arne Burkhardt, Ryan Cole, Karina Reiss, Andreas Sönnichsen  

Panel 2 –Host: Shabnam Palesa Mohamed
Employing the law to serve human rights Paul Brandenburg, Dolores Cahill, Darren Deojee, Ulrike Guérot, Philipp Kruse,  Sabelo Sibanda (zoom)

Panel 3 – Host: Kat Lindley
Emerging Covid-19 vaccine injuries and their management
Pierre Kory, Jose Auguste Nasser, Jessica Rose, Richard Urso, Paul Alexander (zoom)

Panel 4 – Host: Jennifer Hibbert
Supporting mind health in a chaotic world
Michael Alexander, Christian Buckland, Maajid Nawaz, David Charalambous, Matthew Hudson

Panel 5 – Host: Mark Trozzi
The role of Big Pharma in future world health
Robyn Cosford, Geert vanden Bossche, Josh Guetzkow, Rob Verkerk

Special on Zoom:
Mary Holland, Peter McCullough und Robert Malone

7 p.m to 11 p.m.
Manifesting the “Better Way” through Music&Arts

Artists (in alphabetical order):
Peter Conway, “Freiheitstrychler”, Perin, SchwrzVyce, Mark Trozzi, Justyna Walker, Rain Trozzi, 5times August (Video)

Artist Gudrun Kargl – international art project “Peace Seed”

Online 9 p.m.:
Del Bigtree and the Filmmaker of “Plandemic” Mikki Willis

Conference & Manifestation:
Early Bird (til Sat 11.59 p.m) EUR 50,–
Regular price EUR 70,–

Early Bird (til Sat 11.59 p.m) EUR 30,–
Regular price EUR 40,–

Sept 18th


1 p.m. Rally on Heldenplatz

with Experts of the “Better Way Conference Days”, activists from many countries and musicians

With (in alphabetical order):
Uwe Alschner, Chantelle & Leighton Baker, Bianca Ball, Ryan Cole, Brianna Dressin, Margareta Griesz-Brisson, Ulrike Guérot, Markus Haintz, Nadja Hubmann, Maria Hubmer-Mogg, John Kage, Zafeiria Kakaletri, Philipp Kruse, Vater Maximilian M., Natalia Prego, Richard Urso, Philip Kruse, Christian Schubert, Monica Smit, Andreas Sönnichsen, Justyna Walker, Ronald Weikl, Aga Wilson, and more to be announced.

Engelberger, Perin, Peter Conway, SchwrzVyce, Philip Ham Kuman

4.30 p.m. to approx. 6:30 p.m
Peaceful March
with Millenium Movement Truck as rolling stage for speakers and musicians.

Be Part of it!
4 Days of
Information and Global Networking








Welcome to Vienna, welcome to a visionary conference!

From September 15th to 16th, the Better Way Media Conference welcomes you to Vienna.

It is a historic first-of-its-kind gathering of Independent Journalists and Media Professionals from all around the world.
Come and join us! Meet with Expert Scientists, Doctors, and Leaders of the Resistance against the Global Coup d’Etat.

Vienna has a tradition of bridging divides: Since the end of World War II it has been an internationally accepted neutral Ground for opposing blocs and ideologies. It is therefore fitting to choose Vienna as the place for a Media Convention which is designed to show a better way forward.

We invite independent Journalists from all walks of life to come to Vienna and discuss the need for a rediscovery of journalistic ethics: to report what is happening with impartiality and rigorous research of motives and potential conflicts of interests of all relevant actors in politics, business, science, finance – and in the media itself!

Vienna will also be the place to hold a second Better Way Conference of Health, which on September 16/17th will put a particular focus on findings of world-renowned pathologists.

And Vienna will, again be the place of a huge rally and demonstration by activists and concerned citizens.

We invite you to join us on September 18th on the streets of Vienna. It takes a contribution from each and every one of us to build the better future for children and grandchildren!

Welcome to Vienna!

Meet international Health Experts

Meet international Law Experts

Meet international Media

Meet international Economic Experts

The Better Way Media


Better Way Conference

Join us at this first of it’s kind solution-based interconnecting event!


The Better Way!